Writers Wanted

Jolly SEO is looking for part- & full- time writers to join our fully distributed, global team.

Our media outreach blends creative and technical writing, across a number of sectors: finance, technology, health & wellness, marketing, business, etc.

Our service is largely building backlinks for clients. We do this through media outreach, which adds a layer of PR value; we always conduct our work with the mindset of making a positive brand impact for our clients.


  • Writing knowledgeable, actionable, consumer-facing content
  • Maintain a representative and authoritative tone of voice for the client
  • Be the guardian of the client’s brand
  • Work with Jolly’s management to ensure each client account’s needs are fulfilled

Skills Needed

  • 4-6 years experience, preferably with experience writing research-based content, content marketing, SEO content, and email copy.
  • Deep understanding of a particular field, whether finance, health, and wellness, technology, digital marketing, etc.
  • Adept at researching and representing concepts to continuously build authority for clients’ brands.
  • Know the target audience: expert-level knowledge in developing relevant content.
  • Understand that relevance = right message, right place, right time.
  • Ability to write according to the clients’ brand and voice.
  • Ability & desire to work on 3-4 long-term accounts.
  • Creative thinker and has a strong command of the English language.


Let’s make sure this is a viable gig for you! Jolly SEO currently offers 2 models of compensation, depending on your preference:

Option 1: Flat retainer

Flat retainer pay based on your commitment:

  • Following a successful 60 to 90-day onboarding period of piecework and performance-based compensation (see below), writers with full-time availability and proven results may pivot into a monthly retainer role in exchange for additional hourly and account commitments.
  • This will start out at $500 and increase up to $5000 a month as you demonstrate you are able to take on more work. This pay equals roughly $50/Hour.
  • The starting commitment of $500 begins with one dedicated account to pitch.
  • We deeply value our established writers, and aim to nurture an ongoing, dedicated commitment with you!

Option 2: Per Pitch

  • $5 per pitch: You’ll be paid $5 for every single pitch you send, regardless of results.
  • Tiered pay for every billable placement: must include a DR 50+ dofollow backlink.
    • $50 for every DR 50-79 placement with a dofollow backlink to the client’s website.
    • $100 for every DR 80-89 placement with a dofollow backlink to the client’s website.
    • $200 for every DR 90+ placement with a dofollow backlink to the client’s website.
      • How: We make it easy for you to identify DR before writing a pitch.
      • Why: We are an SEO service provider. Our clients enjoy the PR & authority but are paying for the dofollow backlink from a DR 50+ website.
  • Placements usually include a link. Whether or not a placement includes a dofollow backlink is up to the website’s writer, SEO manager, content manager, editor, etc.
    • Sometimes, links are nofollow, or a placement doesn’t give a link. The good news is we filter out “known offenders” here, so this happens less and less over time.
    • We teach you how to follow up on “no link placements” – oftentimes they will update the article if asked politely.
  • If there is no link, a nofollow link, or the domain is low DR: we can not pay the placement compensation. We only pay the placement compensation for dofollow DR 50+ backlinks.

Ready to come aboard? Please submit an application here. We’re excited to work together!