Team Members Wanted

Jolly SEO is looking for part- & full- time team members to join our fully distributed, global team.

Our premium outreach services blend creative and technical writing, across a number of sectors: finance, technology, health & wellness, marketing, business, etc.

Our services are largely configured to build backlinks for clients. We do this through media and other manual, white hat outreach, which adds a layer of PR value; we always conduct our work with the mindset of making a positive brand impact for our clients.

Roles Available:

Journalist Outreach Specialist: The role that started our brand, and where we continue to serve as the premium service provider. Click here to learn more & apply.

White Hat Linkbuilding Manager: We’ve been busy scaling our second service. Our clients have exacting expectations, so leave your paid link lists at the door! If you’re excited to scale a white hat outreach service with us, please click here to learn more and apply.

White Hat Linkbuilding Team Member: We need to fulfill multiple openings for each of three roles here: Prospector, Outreach, Content Creator. Want to grow with a recognized leader amongst the best of professional SEOs? Please read more and apply here.