White Hat Linkbuilding Team Members Wanted

Jolly SEO is looking for part- & full- time white hat linkbuilders to join our fully distributed, global team.

Our media outreach never buys links. We conduct white hat outreach, and focus on delivering value to publishers.

Why? Because that’s what our clients want. It’s what Google wants. It’s what we all want: a media environment rich with accurate & informative content.

As part of this team, you will either prospect, outreach, or create. Which role is best for you? Read on below!

Available Roles:

  • Prospector: Leverage software to follow criteria parameters, identifying high quality outreach targets, at scale.
  • Outreach: Send creative, engaging outreach messages to targets, at scale.
  • Content creation: Create the articles publishers will be proud to publish!

Skills Needed

Depending on the role you apply for, you will need a different set of skills. You may apply for 1 or all of our available roles. Here is what we are looking for:
  • Prospector: 0-2 years experience. Comfort with SaaS. Data entry experience a plus. Able to communicate in English.
  • Outreach: 1+ years experience. Excellent command of the English language. Understand that relevance = right message, right place, right time. Bonus points if you can demonstrate previous success rates.
  • Content creator: 1+ years experience writing articles. Excellent command of the English language. Ability to write according to the clients’ brand and voice. You must deliver proofread copy, on time.


Let’s make sure this is a viable gig for you! Compensation at Jolly SEO is competitive. We can structure it as hourly + bonus, or strictly bonus:

  • Details coming soon…

We deeply value our team members, and aim to nurture an ongoing commitment to the company culture and your success here.

Do you have the ability & desire to work with us long-term?

Please submit an application below. We’re excited to work together!