Gold Tier Packages

Fast and reliable service with pricing that is easy to get behind, our Gold Tier service guarantees DR 40+ backlinks using journalist outreach platforms!

Package Options

10 Link Package

$ 475 Per Link
  • Genuine HARO Outreach

20 Link Package

$ 450 Per Link
  • Genuine HARO Outreach

50 Link Package

$ 425 Per Link
  • Genuine HARO Outreach
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Hands Off Outreach

Do you believe outreach campaigns should be something that you check in on, but don’t interfere with your schedule?

If so, then Jolly SEO’s Gold Tier packages will be a great fit.

You will be set up with your own link tracking sheet so you can see in real-time when placements are secured. You won’t be bogged down with updates and various requests.

Our team gets everything we need together in onboarding, and then we start your outreach and deliver your links.

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