Our Process

Welcome Aboard!

We’re ready, too! Complete the 4 fields below, make your 1-link deposit, and let’s launch:

    1. Client to complete the 15-minute onboarding survey.
    2. Client to provide a domain-hosted email address for a real human C Suite executive for us to ghostwrite as, e.g. FirstLast@YourCompany.com - you will always retain access to this inbox.
    3. Client to commit to at least 5 placements each month (per client account), with a 3-month minimum. If client is unsatisfied with link quality after 1 month, contract may be ended early.
    4. In the event of cancellation, client understands and agrees to pay for all links that are published within 30 days after work cancellation.
    5. Client shall pay project balance within 14 days of receipt of invoice, or incur late fee of 15%.
    6. Billable wins are defined as a placement on a DR 50+ website which contains a dofollow backlink.