Marketing Manager Wanted

Jolly SEO is looking for a manager of our marketing team.

Our clients expect the best. Recognized as the premium service provider in journalist outreach, Jolly has been busy building internal capacity to scale additional services.

Your role will be managing our current marketing team.


Duties to include, but not limited to:

  • Manage a team of 5-10 marketing contractors;
  • Develop & maintain data analysis of all marketing campaigns and lead channels through sale and ongoing client success.
    • Analyze site traffic, call booking forms, etc. to determine where we find qualified leads;
      • Does one channel consistently generate higher quality leads? Does one channel consistently generate lower quality leads?
    • Collaborate with sales, client success, and finance departments to inform analysis of lead/deal “quality”;
    • Re-direct each marketing channel’s efforts by the qualified lead target.
  • Manage SEO onsite content for our website
  • Manage social media posts/engagement + direct outreach on Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Ideate new brand marketing, demand gen, and lead gen campaigns, and create SOPs for them
  • FB group community mgmt, ghostwriting for core team members, and/or writing as yourself (becoming part of brand).

Skills Needed

We’re seeking someone with 3-5 years of experience marketing for the SEO industry, e.g. agencies, SaaS tools, etc. Experience generating leads/sales in the SaaS/startup space is a plus.

Proficiency required in the following:

  • Demand & lead generation: posts/engagement + direct outreach on Facebook & LinkedIn;
  • Data analysis: HubSpot; Google Sheets, website analytics on WordPress and/or Google Search Console;
  • Project management & comms: Asana, Slack;
  • Website management, at least with a common editor; we currently use Elementor on WordPress.
  • Creative thinker;
  • Strong command of the English language.
  • Ability to use SEO tools such as Ahrefs for the purpose of research/lead gen campaigns


Let’s make sure this is a viable gig for you!

This is a full time equivalent W-9/W-8BEN contractor role will be compensated at USD$5,000 monthly. Quarterly reviews will allow for the possibility of performance-based pay increases.

Please note: this role has a 90-day probationary period.

Company Culture

 We deeply value our team members, and aim to nurture an ongoing commitment to a positive work environment.
We will invite you to join our team in Slack and regular video calls.

Ready to come aboard? Please submit an application below. We’re excited to work together!